Hyperpigmentation is excess pigment in the skin. The most important pigments are melanin and iron. Melanin is located in the bottom layer of the epidermis. Under normal conditions, the number of pigment cells and the production of melanin increases under the influence of UV radiation and protects us from skin cell damage. Too much UV radiation (lentigo solaris or age spots), hormonal influence (melasma or chloasma) or skin irritation (scars, acne, wounds) may disrupt the process of pigments accumulating under the skin.

Treatment options

Hyperpigmentation is most easily treated when it is located in the epidermis.
Creams based on hydrochinone, vitamin C and phytic acid regulate pigment production and can lighten skin lesions. If creams do not work the dermatologist can switch to localized treatments, chemical peelings or laser therapy.


Avoid long exposure to UV light, always use a sunblock (SPF 50) if hyperpigmentation has already occurred.


  • Mediclinic offers chemical peelings specifically aimed at reducing pigmentation. The treatment consists of two phases: first, a glycolic acid or TCA peeling is applied which may tingle slightly. This phase prepares the skin barrier for the second phase. The second phase consists of a spot peeling which reacts to the pigment. After the treatment, the skin should be well hydrated every morning and be protected by a high factor sun cream. During the first month after treatment, a bleaching cream should be applied on the pigment spots in the evening to prolong the effect of the peeling.
  • Another solution is the fractional laser treatment (erbium) for melasma (pregnancy mask) and the IPL laser (for age spots). Small scabs might form after treatment. The pigmentation is eliminated from the body and gets lighter or disappears. Depending on the depth, one or more treatments may be required.
Face and neck
Arms and hands
Tummy and back
Buttock, thigh and pubic area
Bruine vlekken


Laser treatment against hyperpigmentation - full face
Laser treatment against hyperpigmentation - cleavage
Laser treatment against hyperpigmentation - full face + cleavage
Laser treatment against hyperpigmentation - hands
Spot peel (chemical peeling against hyperpigmentation)