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The hyper modern clinic consists among other things of an ultra sterile operating theatre, new generation computer-controlled devices, lasers, 3D scanners, ultrasound equipment, etc.
The contact with our patients and discretion are essential to us. Our doctors also provide special attention to post-operative care (which is probably why legal procedures are extremely rare).
Mediclinic makes its infrastructure available to a team of highly qualified doctors. Thanks to their experience in the fields of dermatology, cosmetic plastic and vascular surgery, they are able to provide you with the highest quality care.

Meet the team

The doctors who work at Mediclinic have all the qualifications required to practice their activity and all are members of the Medical Association. They were carefully selected based on their skills to ensure the clinic's reputation.
Mediclinic puts its infrastructure at their disposal and they work there freely. This means that every doctor is responsible for the treatment of patients and their monitoring. However, we strive to work with particularly talented and specialised professionals.


Dr. Anouk Demunter
Dr. Anouk Demunter
Dr. Wim De Maerteleire
Dr. Wim De Maerteleire
Plastic surgeon
Dr. Hugo Van Cleynenbreugel
Dr. Hugo Van Cleynenbreugel
Opthalmologist and eye surgeon
Dr. Helge Dom
Dr. Helge Dom
Vascular surgeon
Dr P. Puttemans
Dr P. Puttemans
KAti B
Kati Benkö
Nurse & laser assistant
Els Smets
Els Smets
Eva Van der Bracht
Eva Van Der Bracht
Nurse & laser assistant
Julie Macharis
Julie Macharis
Beautician | laser assistant
Sofie H
Sofie Hendrickx
Sophie van Durme
Vanessa Vroninks
Alexandra Beerlandt
Sarah Timperman

Medicliniq, A Unique Concept


The Mediclinic interior design has many advantages over conventional hospitals: ultra sterile operating theatre, 3D computer, 3D simulation, laser treatments, ultrasound, anaesthesia machines controlled by computer, personalised care, quiet environment, etc.
Beside its purely medical infrastructure, Mediclinic also has a conference room and meeting rooms. Kitchens are also available for the restoration of patients or guests. There is also a projection room for live surgery workshops while the audience can follow interactively.
The clinic is surrounded by water with a drawbridge; we can thus guarantee the security and privacy of patients who desire it. The clinic can also be rented in its entirety on request.

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Belgian Society for
Private Clinics

The Belgian Society for Private Clinics has been created to inform patients about their rights and their safety. It also has a support and informatory role with respect to private clinics and promotes education to ensure patient safety.

Source: https://www.bspc.be/english/about-bspc/


HEX Hygiëne & Expertise

Mediclinic successfully obtained the official recognition of HEX Hygiene Expertise agency through an independent authority to recognize the clinic as an extramural eye surgery centre. Mediclinic has all the necessary criteria to achieve certification. This control includes:

  • Specific accounting in the operating theatre
  • Air velocity in the operating theatre
  • Absence of bacteria in the hospital operating theatre
  • Emergency exits and protocol for emergency situations
  • Standardisation of procedures and record keeping
  • Fire protection
  • Hygiene in relation to cleaning
  • Strict maintenance rules for facilities

Source: www.hygiene-expertise.com


Carl Zeiss

Our many years of experience allow us to work with the most advanced techniques. This is how we share our experiences with Carl Zeiss, a company that has for years had measuring instruments and more quality lasers. After years of successful collaboration, Mediclinic has become a reference centre for Carl Zeiss. We organise all the training and conduct research on new treatments. This exchange of knowledge is vital to us. We are convinced that we must continually educate ourselves and share our knowledge with other ophthalmologists in order to increase the level of our clinic.
Car Zeiss has only a few reference centres worldwide. This opportunity allows Mediclinic to practice the most modern surgery.

Source: www.zeiss.com


Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery (RBSPS)

The Royal Belgian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (RBSPS) is the most representative organisation for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in our country. Its primary objective is to ensure the constant development of plastic surgery in Belgium. It thus focuses on teaching and the dissemination of knowledge, whether from the medical profession or the general public.

Source: www.rbsps.org


De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Plastische Chirurgie,
Handchirurgie, Reconstructieve en Esthetische Chirurgie 

The Dutch association for plastic, hand, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery was founded in 1950 and brings together plastic surgeons in the Netherlands. Dr. De Maerteleire is a member.

Source: http://www.nvpc.nl/


Belgian Professional Union of Dermatology and Venereology

This union aims to promote the image of dermatology and Venereology, defending the professional interests of its members and working to improve the moral and material conditions for the exercise of the profession and wellbeing of its members. It also aims to improve communication between dermatologists and third parties. Dr. Demunter is a member of this professional union.

Bron: www.dermanet.be