Buttock augmentation

Buttocks and breasts greatly influence the selfconfidence and sex-appeal of a woman. Standards (size, roundness) are often culturally determined. In South America, for example, the beauty standard is different than in Europe. In general it is important that the volume of the buttocks is positioned relatively high and towards the back.

There are two ways to make buttocks rounder:

  • They can be rounded by injections of your own fatty tissue, provided of course that enough fat can be harvested from another part of the body through liposculpture. If a large volume correction is desired, the operation may need to be repeated.
  • Thinner people will opt for a gluteal implant. This is a smooth implant filled with highly cohesive silicone placed in the gluteus maximus. The surgeon makes the incision in the crease of the buttocks above the anus, through which he will place the two implants. The patient can not sit down on the implants during the first few days after the operation.

A buttock augmentation with implants is not without risk. The wound can become infected due to its proximity to the anus. The scars will in time become practically invisible. Fluid (or seroma) can accumulate around the implant. The implant can also move or be palpable under the muscle (this is often the case with thinner patients).
Permanent discomfort, requiring the removal of the implant, does exist but is rare.

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Buttock augmentation (implant)