Mental coaching

  • For years you have dreamt of having a nice figure?
  • Fed up with the fight against those extra kilos?
  • You have already tried many diets but nothing works?
  • You have a love hate relationship with your weighing machine?

Take matters into your own hands in a different way this time. This is probably the only way to get another result!

Lack of will power?
The lack of will power is not the cause of your problem! No one is able to follow a strict diet and deprive themselves of everything all the time. This method works temporarily. The kilos then reappear accompanied by frustration and a loss of personal respect. Every week, we watch the commercials for the new diets guaranteeing a "permanent" result. So why does being overweight still exist?

A diet only covers food. For most of us, this view is too restrictive. Dieting is also in the mind! By combining attractive looking food and physical activity with mental coaching you will reach your goal and avoid regaining weight. The mental coaching focuses on emotions and not on the diet. It teaches you to face your "demons." Everyone knows what is healthy and unhealthy, yet we fail to lose weight over a long term.

Our method
We seek the cause of your weight gain to avoid recurrence. You learn to understand yourself during your difficult moments. How do you react emotionally in situations of stress, frustration and fatigue? This is how you take control of yourself.
We operate on the basis of missions for you to learn new habits. You know what you have to do, but how to do it ... that is a different story. It is at this level that we bring the change!
Opt for a customised approach, tailored to your interests and your family situation. Each person is unique. It is not because someone likes sport, that you do too. By adapting our approach, we help you stick it out and get permanent results.

What can you expect?

  • No pre-established agenda or number of sessions
  • You choose how often you want to come and the length of time (you do not need to decide in advance)
  • You pay per session
  • Support and monitoring by email are included in the price

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